Can't use wireless and FM won't approve Hardwire

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What a find this site is! - first post for me here. Anyway, I also went the Netgear XE102 route as the building structure just did not allow the wireless signal into the office and hardwiring would have been very expensive. I just put one adapter in the FHC and another in the clerk's office, roughly 50 feet away. It works great. For those not famliar with this, they are sometimes called powerline adapters. An ethernet cable was plugged into one XE102 in the FHC, and the XE102 was plugged into the electrical outlet. The other XE102 was plugged into an outlet in the clerk's office and then the ethernet line was taken from there into the back of the computer. No problems after about 3-4 months. The cost for 2 was about $100.
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Internet installtions in buildings


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I have a similar problem with an older building with cinder block walls. The wireless penetration worries me. Have Internet to the Satellite cabinet but not to the clerks offices. FM group will not do anything but some support and info on building. There are tunnels under the hallway floors. I am not going down there. Too small of an area. Younger bodies can do it.

When we built the Stake Center weI got the Cat5e cable pulled by the contractor. The original drawings showed that all wires and cables were to go thorough conduit even in the open access areas. The contractor was happy to pull the cables if we let him use open cable brackets and conduit only through walls. It took a lot of conversation to get it approved. No body wants to make changes.

We pulled to the FHC, three Bishops and Clerks offices, media library, plus the Stake offices. Didn't do the HC room and wish I had. Post construction I pulled cables to Satellite cabinet, RS room and Primary room (Seminary room). Suggest a new/used 16 - 24 port Ethernet switch be placed behind the Cisco router and another in the FHC. The one in the FHC makes for easier cabling.

We have a phase 3 addition going on now and I again asked for cables rather than wireless router. We can always add a wireless router later and not do the cables later. Had to provide a lockable cabinet for the router. Stake is covering the costs.

The last building to install Internet has false ceiling tiles. Easy to work with. FM not involved. Stake and Ward members are to pull cables and install router in the satellite closet.

The FM group a few years ago installed wireless routers in the Stake center (already wired) and another building with a FHC. Not used until LDS Access became available.

Typically the Internet routers and cables are out of the expertise of the FM Group. They need lots of guidance which they are willing to accept.
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