Giving sisters access to missionary reports

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Giving sisters access to missionary reports


Post by bezzantj »

Our stake is calling couples as ward mission leaders. The sisters do not have access to missionary reports (progress record). We also cannot figure out how to provide Stake RS counselor and Stake sister Sharing the Gospel coordinator/leader access to those reports. Anybody have any ideas?
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Re: Giving sisters access to missionary reports


Post by russellhltn »

General Handbook: Ward Mission Leader
This person should be a Melchizedek Priesthood holder.
The only way you can provide access is by putting them into their proper standard calling. Custom callings will NOT work, no matter how you word them.

The Handbook is pretty clear. This is not a couples calling. If you stray from the handbook, don't expect the electronic resources such as LCR to go long along for the adventure.
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Re: Giving sisters access to missionary reports


Post by sbradshaw »

The wife could still be called as a ward missionary, for example, and work with her husband in that calling, but only the husband (more precisely, the Melchizedek Priesthood holder) can hold a ward mission leader calling, and ward missionaries don't have the same access to reports as the ward mission leader has.
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