Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 on Windows 10

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Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 on Windows 10


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I have recently updated the computer we have to use with the Canon Microfilm Scanner 300 from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and am having an issue getting the XnView software to recognize the scanner.

I have installed Windows 10 32-bit version because some of the drivers are not available in 64-bit. I have an Adeptec 2930-15LP SCSI card with the drivers installed and windows sees the scanner. My first question about this is it sees 7 copies of the scanner attached. Which I believe is what the dos utility configures when it is searching the SCSI bus. I have updated the drivers for all the copies and they all show up as "Imaging devices". I have install the latest version of XnvView (2.50) and the TWAIN drivers for the scanner.

When I open the XnView program I am able to select the "TWAIN Source" of "Canon MS300 TWAIN 1.85 (32-32)". Next when I attempt to "Acquire" an image the pop up window says there is no device found and does not allow me to search for devices.
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