Tithing Settlement

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Tithing Settlement


Post by brown67 »

I'm sure we all saw the official communication about tithing settlement beginning soon. Last year we did all of ours virtually, but this year we're going to be doing some in person and some virtually. Just wondering what would be a good way to do sign ups without doubling up the bishop with a virtual appointment and an in-person appointment. Some of our Ward members are older and don't do anything online, so some kind of online sign up sheet doesn't work well. If anyone has thoughts I would love to hear.
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Re: Tithing Settlement


Post by russellhltn »

My first thought is set up days that are in-person only and others that are on-line only. As a bonus, I think it would help the bishop to keep the two separate rather than bouncing between them.
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Re: Tithing Settlement


Post by lajackson »

My suggestion would be to ask the executive secretary to take care of it.
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Re: Tithing Settlement


Post by BrianEdwards »

Pre-pandemic, our approach was on the first Sunday the sign-up was available, to have a clerk with a laptop available in the foyer before and after church. The message was that anyone wanting to signup themselves online could do so, and those others could talk to the clerk at church and have him sign them up. As most of us are now still in a hybrid Sunday schedule with some members remaining at home, that doesn't help those people sign up if they're not comfortable with technology. For them, you could ask them to call the clerk directly, and have him coordinate an available time slot, and the clerk then signs the member up. A bit of overhead for sure, but it eliminates the potential disconnect between online and paper sign-up forms.

Also, verify if your Bishop wants to intermix in-person with virtual appointments. Some will think that's ideal, others may prefer having the same type of appointment during a particular time block.
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