My daughter’s child accounts are linked to each other

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My daughter’s child accounts are linked to each other


Post by worthis »

My two daughter’s child accounts appear to be linked together. They each want to schedule their own temple baptism appointments, but when my younger daughter logs in, her sister’s appointment shows up on her account. Then the booking system won’t let her book her own appointment because she has “exceeded the limit.”
Is this normal?

Also, I tried to contact support directly on this issue. When I clicked the contact support tab and put my email address in, the system just sent me a reset password link. There was no way for me to request direct help or to email anyone. Is there another way to contact support directly?

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Re: My daughter’s child accounts are linked to each other


Post by scgallafent »

The first step would be to have each of your daughters go to and verify that the accounts are associated with the correct membership records. That will help ensure that there isn't a problem where they are getting logged in with the other daughter's account.
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Re: My daughter’s child accounts are linked to each other


Post by russellhltn »

To amplify scgallafent's comment:
- People identify accounts by the name of the account
- Computers identify the account by the MRN attached to it.

Like scgallafent, I suspect the MRN on the account isn't matching the name.

As for contacting support, you'll need to ask your clerk for the phone number.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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