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This is a wish for Christmas... I wish they could do something to make Safari more compatible with LCR. It happened again today... Wouldn't open, so, after a few tries, I switched to Google Chrome. I have tried all the ideas such as clearing the cache, and the only thing that works is time. By tomorrow, Safari will probably be working again.
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Re: Safari.....again


Post by mevans »

A few years ago I had some interaction with church employees about fixing some problems with Safari and the Gospel Library. They eventually fixed the problems, but after a while, problems returned when using Safari. I've somewhat given up using Safari on church websites. I accidentally was using Safari for gospel study a few days ago and was reminded of the problems.

My uninformed guess is that Chrome has the marketshare so the church focuses on making things work with Chrome. It's more expensive and more effort to do testing on a variety of browsers and devices (computers, tablets, phones), although with automated testing tools it's easier. Even after problems are found, it takes programmer time to find and fix problems, so even if the church is aware of the issues with Safari, perhaps fixing them isn't a high enough priority for the fixes to make it into a release. In the business world, I've worked with plenty of product managers who are focused on the ROI of nearly everything in a release--both features and bug fixes. Sometimes it's taken some pretty strong convincing to get changes approved that didn't have a direct ROI correlation. I don't know how the product managers at the church consider ROI, but there's undoubtedly some prioritization process on how to use the available resources. Probably the best you can do is submit Feedback on the Safari issues you encounter and hope that helps raise the priority of issues.

Another option to consider it bugging Apple to make Safari do better on HTML5 compatibility tests. According to this fairly recent PC Magazine article, Safari ranked the lowest out of the major browsers on HTML5 compatibility: ... er-is-best

Note: I have no idea if fixing HTML5 compatibility issues will solve the problems with using Safari on church websites. We'd need comment from the church programmers who are familiar with the code and the problems to know if such lobbying for improvement would be beneficial.
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Re: Safari.....again


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Church websites have a problem with cookie build-up. I noticed that wasn't specifically called out in "all the things tried".
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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