New Expense Reimbursement Process

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Re: New Expense Reimbursement Process


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I would like to see a list of callings or positions that are authorized to enter expenses. Is that available anywhere?
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Re: New Expense Reimbursement Process


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The best documentation describing who can submit an electronic payment request is found in the Help Center article Payment Request Instructions for Organization Leaders. That article states; "Organization leaders can submit receipts for church-related expenses..." Practical experience indicates that organization leaders includes the organization presidencies as well as the organization secretary. Callings must be entered into LCR using standard callings to grant the access.

Additionally those with finance edit permissions (bishop, 1st counselor, 2nd counselor, ward clerk, assistant ward clerk, assistant ward clerk - finance) have both direct entry into LCR > Finance > Expenses > Enter Expenses as well as into LCR > Finance > Budget. At the Budget page select an organization in the drop-down list box and then select the Payment Request tab. The latter is processed against the organization budget category or any budget category that organization has permission to access.
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Re: New Expense Reimbursement Process


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I had a similar experience and am also using email to get pic to laptop, same as you. Lately it's gotten better from tools. Maybe newer versions of the app have helped.
The benefit of entering in tools is it generates a pdf similar to the previous "expense request" which seems to make our finance clerk happier. He would still rather print the electronic submissions and have us sign and file. Change can be slow. :D
jgusolson wrote: Sun Dec 26, 2021 4:35 pm I would like to see a list of callings or positions that are authorized to enter expenses. Is that available anywhere?
Seems like our organization presidents can enter receipts and they are limited to budget categories for their organization. I haven't seen any come in from counselors or secretaries. This entire process has been completely trial and error. I guess documentation and training will be sometime later.

As a bishop the only categories I get as I enter in the tools app are welfare and FSY. So unless I have a counselor or clerk make a switch to YM Budget when they add their approval I'll still be using LCR rather than tools.
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