how to beat login problems

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how to beat login problems


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On Sundays I have been hitting 2 problems. "Unable to log in" and/or the wait wheel just sitting there on the screen till the church website times out and gives an error message. Only seems to happen on Sundays between about 10 am and 3 pm. This happens across 4 browser. It affects LCR, directory, calendar and a couple of others. Bypassing the internet on my end with a cell phone hot spot doesn't seem to help either. This happens on both wifi and hard line at the church and have also gotten it from my home computer nearly 15 miles away.(same ISP as the church building) Sometimes repeated tries gets me in. Sometimes no number of tries seems to help. The unable to login happens 2 ways.

Yesterday it was happening the minute I tried to go to any of the main menu items that require login. It wasn't letting me get to the login screen. Sometimes it let me go to the login screen and then does it. My understanding is that if I am getting messages from church servers that the problem is on their end. likely lack of server capacity. But the couple of times thru the years I have called, the church is telling me that the problem is the ISP and that they have plenty of server capacity. Is there some way to solve this? I will have to take time today to drive out yet again to do yesterdays work. Yes it is only every few months that I end up needing to go back out to do checks on a different day but it is the pain. But it has been happening for years. By the time I get them to the bishop to sign and back to town to mail it takes about an hour total just to do the driving.

If someone from headquarters reads this please put the check function back in MLS for those of us who can't use the internet reliably on Sundays. And please NEVER pull the donation function out of MLS. We need tools that work when needed. My 6 to 10 hours a year doesn't matter but how many clerks is this affecting? This might amount to 1000's of lost man hours.
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Re: how to beat login problems


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Sundays tend to be a day of heavy demand on the church systems. When you call the church about a problem, you're likely talking to someone who isn't very informed about the specific situation you're encountering. I don't know what's happened in the church systems over the years, but in the past, some church employees on these forums have acknowledged that there are problems they are aware of and that they aren't solved just by adding more servers. I take that to mean that there are some system architecture issues that don't make the systems scalable. The church doesn't tend to move very quickly in any of its systems, so it's likely that the problems remain.
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