LCR not working 4/10/22

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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by kevincowan67 »

Is anyone having issues processing tithing today 04/17/2022?
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by ironhorse2004 »

Same here!
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by jdlessley »

bpcamp wrote: Sun Apr 10, 2022 2:10 pm Curious on how to make the donation without the donation slip that is printed as a part of the recording process.
Here are the instructions to make Donations during System Outage .
JD Lessley
Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by beatusmongous »

05/01/2022. Same issue. Spinning sprocket for about 10 minutes after every entry, and we're lucky if the entry goes through. And then, when it does go through, it often duplicates and gives several of the same slip.

This has been going on every week since MLS began forwarding us to the website, so it's been happening consistently for a couple of months.

Personally, I'm not fond of the idea of running the deposit, and THEN recording the slips on another day. Plus, we need that initialed deposit record which cannot be printed until the slips are recorded. Not sure why MLS was removed, but it was a much faster, much more reliable method.
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by A00942597 »

5/15/2022. Same issue. We get to a point to begin entering donations around 11:30am MDT, but get the message that the system is unavailable at this time. For the last several weeks we've resorted to returning later in the afternoon to process donations.

By reading other replies to this post I've learned we can still process the deposit, then record the slips later that day or another day - another frustration is I received no formal finance training for my calling other than the sacred funds video which offers no insight on how to handle common issues that arise (finance system down, donation from a non-member or someone not in the ward, organizing the ward budget/managing budget categories, fundraiser funds...). Anyway, I'm not excited about processing the deposit then recording it later because it seems like double the work, at least for the finance clerk. I just keep hoping someone in the IT department can work out a solution soon.
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by greyshep1 »

LCR pinwheeling again both for donations and for expenses, cant even get the dashboard to fully load correctly. Anyone have any insight as to when this is going to be fixed?
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by mcasay »

I just wanted to share that clerks in my stake are also experiencing issues with the finance side of LCR today.
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by BrianEdwards »

LCRF worked for us today without problems. Of course being here in the East (technically mid-west!), we likely process before the crunch-time when the Utah and other western units all try and process donations during the same couple of hours of the day... ;)
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by majorgearhead »

For financials, LCR was down just after 12:30 or so eastern on both 5/22/22 and 5/29/22. We started the batch and then got the spinning pixie wheel of timeout. We had to manually batch and send off to the bank and complete it later in the week.

There must be some load problem on some backend components that is causing this. A few hours after everyone is done with donations it starts working again. While we have procedures to deal with this, following those every week is getting tedious and opens units up to inaccuracies and errors. Compound that with near no support and it feels like Clerks are being hung out to dry. These are sacred funds and the handling of these with precision is a sacred obligation. Is there any relief in sight from these constant outages?
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Re: LCR not working 4/10/22


Post by beatusmongous »

06/12/2022 - Issues still prevalent. Constant error windows and pinwheels for 5 minutes at a time. Now LCR is down completely, showing "proxy error" messages. We have expenses to issue and a batch of donations to record, but we are completely frozen until it works. Last week, it started working again around 12:40 Pacific time. We shall see what time it starts working this week.
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