Login and get "Your Profile Isn't Complete Yet"

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Login and get "Your Profile Isn't Complete Yet"


Post by mevans »

Today when I logged in to the church site, it redirected to the Dashboard page, as usual, and then I got a popup message with the following:

Your Profile Isn't Complete Yet
It looks like your account doesn’t have a membership record number. Add this number to complete your profile and gain access to additional features.
[Add Membership Number]

That's pretty strange. I can get into LCR just fine. I went to the Church Account page and it shows my membership number. Is anyone else seeing this?
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Re: Login and get "Your Profile Isn't Complete Yet"


Post by davesudweeks »

I saw that yesterday. I just refreshed the page and it went away. Likely some glitch in the system getting my account pulled up.
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Re: Login and get "Your Profile Isn't Complete Yet"


Post by garystroble »

I just got the same thing as soon as I logged into churchofjesuschrist.org. Certainly will not give our members a ward, fuzzy feeling about logging in to the church web site.

It is not only pretty strange, it is extremely ridiculous for something like this to pop up.
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