Hard to download audio content

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Hard to download audio content


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I have seen a progression over the last several years where it is getting harder and harder to download audio content from the main church site to the point that it is ridiculously difficult. There was a time where you could download an audio version of the Book of Mormon or Bible or from one of the church manuals, in whole, with relative ease. But now, you have to go to each chapter and download a single audio track individually. I like the progress that the church's Gospel Library app has made, though it still has problems, but this is only good on a smart phone, not a computer or being able to put on CD or digital device (except thru the phone app) to be able to listen to.

The last time I sent a request to through the help link was when they would show you all the tracks in one place, but only download one at a time. I cannot even do this now. The response I got was that they would pass on my suggestion to be able to bulk download the book or podcast, etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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