Church IT having trouble with legacy emails like Yahoo and AOL?

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Re: Church IT having trouble with legacy emails like Yahoo and AOL?


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As with the LCR Finance notice the Church (finally) put up, until there is some sort of "official" guidance from above, everyone's frustrations will continue to be combined with general confusion and a sense that the Church isn't prioritizing the issue. While some members/leaders are clued into the Tech forum (or other discussions like in the O.P.), many or even most leaders aren't really aware of the ongoing issues. My personal thought is it would be ideal for the Church to either turn off the functionality until it's working as intended, or provide "official" workarounds based off of what the actual Church IT department knows is going on (and not just our limited guesses based on personal communications or experience).

I'm grateful there's this landing place, otherwise there really wouldn't be any way for regular members/leaders to understand the scope of what they are locally experiencing, and to get some hope that the Church is actually trying hard to resolve the problem.
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Re: Church IT having trouble with legacy emails like Yahoo and AOL?


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There is now a notice on the "Send a Message" page
The Church’s email delivery via “Send a Message” in Leader and Clerk Resources has been problematic for the past several weeks. Some email providers are currently blocking email traffic from Church servers.

Church engineers are actively working on the problem both internally, with external vendors and email providers. There appears to be no “quick fix” for the issue and may continue for some time. For the best probability of not being blocked, we recommend:

Email messages sent via “Send a Message” be sent during the week instead of near peak hours of Saturday and Sunday.
Members verify that the email addresses on their Church account are correct.
Thank you for your patience as we work through email delivery problems.
They say several weeks, rather than many months, but at least there's a notice now.
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Re: Church IT having trouble with legacy emails like Yahoo and AOL?


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garystroble wrote: Thu Sep 15, 2022 12:39 pm There are plenty of options available besides marking legitimate emails as spam:
Contact the sender and ask to receive less emails.
Either change or remove your email address from your membership profile or ask the ward clerk to do so.
Set up a separate email just for the Church and put that email address in your profile.
I am sure tech savvy folks can think of others.
Most email clients will let you setup folders and automatically file certain email into a specific folder. That way they can look at them, or not, but it shouldn't impact their normal flow of email.
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Re: Church IT having trouble with legacy emails like Yahoo and AOL?


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The individuals I have talked to are not able to find the church messages in any folder. I know gmail starts blocking (which means the church would get a bounce) if enough people mark it as spam. I am not sure how to find the yahoo account that would have marked it as spam without the church's SMTP server logs showing why it bounced.
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