Sacrament Program Integration

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Re: Sacrament Program Integration


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1968leocomeeatabite wrote:The following article on "Use of Online Resources in Church Callings" indicates that we should never replace the printed program or bulletin board with an electronic copy. ... s?lang=eng
While we're at it: "Websites, blogs, and social media profiles should not duplicate tools and features that are already available on"
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Re: Sacrament Program Integration


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In our ward, at the start of Covid when everyone thought paper programs were a health risk, our program person started putting it online with QR code access.

The result: the QR code is there, and no one really accesses it. We are all "in the zone" for church to start. The physical program is useful for people of all ages and keeps people off their phones and in the moment.

What is the weekly cost for program printing? Is it 1.5c/sheet, so $1.50/week? Let's double that, so $3/week, $150/year? What's the cost for ongoing support of a new tool that needs updates, fixes, etc. in IT support as well as server hosting, energy usage for that and everything else, plus that much more load on the overtaxed internet inside Church buildings? You're really saying we should be hiring people in Church IT for permanent positions, teams that do grow over time, to replace the paper we're using. And if we must always print them for the elderly, then what cost are we really incurring to double that for everyone else to use?
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