Adding Closed Captioning Translation for Stake Account

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Adding Closed Captioning Translation for Stake Account


Post by wgotzmann »

There is a new feature in Zoom that would be very helpful to members of our stake

Closed captioning translation - this is an added cost

I contacted zoom and they provided me a Quote to do this but - the Church Account is different

Has anyone investigated this - and been able to add this new feature to at least the Stake Zoom Account
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Re: Adding Closed Captioning Translation for Stake Account


Post by kenaycock »

Good timing! I found your thread from Google asking the same question.

I sent an inquiry to Zoom support and am waiting to hear back. The church would probably need to pay for the feature on the Enterprise account, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask (who knows, maybe Zoom will give us a free trial of the add-on).

Any luck on your end?

The other option is to use the Zoom feature supporting a live translator. But, I haven't figured that out yet. Automated translated captions would be slick.
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