Sacrament Meeting Planning App

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Sacrament Meeting Planning App


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I'm an Assistant Ward Clerk and work closely with the Ward Council by coordinating our speakers for Sacrament Meetings. We have a Google Sheet that we use to keep track of who last spoke and who is on deck for the next couple of weeks which i have created a simple app (using the free version of . I'm really curious whether there are plans to incorporate into Leader and Clerk Resources. The uses we have are:

1. Keep track of who will be speaking, the hymns, chorister, organist, and musical number.
2. Full membership list to see when was the last time someone spoke (ensuring we don't always call the same 10 people to speak).
3. Ensure we don't overburden large families with youth by spreading out the youth evenly throughout the year.
4. Our bulletin specialist uses this list to generate the weekly ward program.
5. Our ward council uses this list to identify who would benefit from speaking and help identify the theme / topic for each sacrament meeting.

I hope this is on the radar as it seems like it is a natural fit to Leaders and Clerk Resources, especially given the tools we already have built in there.


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Re: Sacrament Meeting Planning App


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This is a great idea. Can you share your app? Thanks
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Re: Sacrament Meeting Planning App


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Almost all Forum participants are regular members like yourself, without any special insight. Others will have their own opinions, but unfortunately I doubt this is something that will be implemented anytime soon (and not likely in the future either). As the Church does not divulge its development plans or timelines, we are almost always unable to determine whether useful functionality is even being considered, let alone being included in future project plans. And from what forum members can gather by "reading the tea leaves", the development staff for these types of things is a smaller-than-you-would-expect group, with a lot of core functionality they're trying to get through.

There's other things like this App you've developed, that from a local leader perspective, would make things easier to manage if the Church included it in LCR/Tools/etc. But I've also found that often the Church has a different perspective about what it should and should not provide, and most of the time their reasoning is not provided. So we're all left to "reinvent the wheel", and probably most every unit around has some variation of what your ward is doing! If you're able to remove any actual member data and share a template version of your app, that might be helpful to others looking to improve their sacrament meeting planning.
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