English Videos with Spanish Subtitles

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English Videos with Spanish Subtitles


Post by jenlucero »

We have a small number of spanish speakers in our ward. Is there a way to play a video in English with Spanish subtitles? We really want them to feel included.
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Re: English Videos with Spanish Subtitles


Post by rmrichesjr »

If there's no way to do that directly, one workaround might be to bring up the same video on two computers/devices: 1) Spanish with captions turned on but turn down the volume; 2) English to provide only the audio. With a bit of pausing and unpausing, you should probably be able to get them within a second of each other. It won't be perfect, but it's at least better than nothing.

If the videos are downloadable, it might be possible to demultiplex the streams and then put them back together to get captions in one language but audio in another.

In case there might be others with a similar need, please feel free to post the results of any solutions/workarounds you find so others might benefit from your solutions.

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Re: English Videos with Spanish Subtitles


Post by henocksaidi »

je veux commencer la formation de l'Anglais merci..
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