Annual ward history template?

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Re: Annual ward history template?


Post by drepouille »

franklinr wrote: Sun Mar 06, 2022 3:16 pmI would like to know what should be included.
See ... -histories

Especially, see instructions for stakes and districts here: ... ns-eng.pdf

See sample annual histories here: ... rd-eng.pdf
and here: ... ty-eng.pdf
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Re: Annual ward history template?


Post by BrianEdwards »

Specific question regarding pictures and permissions. When I look at the current online references to Church Histories, my reading of what is there is slightly different than what many are telling me.

I see a difference between what documentation is required for member vs non-member permission for those who are in the pictures. Both the Basic and Comprehensive history examples have signed forms of the "Permission to Use Photographs", but do not include any "Annual History Consent Form". Looking at these examples, my understanding is that if all the pictures being included are of members, then all that is required for documentation is the signed "Permission to Use Photographs" form(s), one per each person who owns (i.e. who took) the picture. And for every member in a picture, all that's needed for documentation is the listing of their names, but nothing needs to be signed for members in the picture. However, if a non-member is included in a picture, we are to also then include the signed "Annual History Consent Form". No where is any signed proof requested of member-permission for pictures of them to be included.

1) Is this correct?
2) And if so, is there any way to get a specific response regarding what is "sufficient" to tell a member when you want to include their picture? There's people all throughout the spectrum. Some feel in today's age, agreeing to be in a picture is tacit approval that it likely will appear online. And some feel that it's sufficient when taking a picture to let everyone know it might end up in the history, while there's others who feel it's imperative to let each person individually know the extent of what might happen to the picture if it's included in the history (essentially, a verbal recitation of what's in the Annual History Consent Form).
3) In practice this seems to discourage including pictures of an entire large ward at an activity. Having pictures of the entire ward is a really cool historical reference, but if we're required to individually list each person in those pics, I expect most people won't want to bother and will just include pics of a couple of people max. Perhaps a requirement of our time, but it's too bad we can't do it.
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Re: Annual ward history template?


Post by russellhltn »

For people telling you differently, ask them for a reference.

What I see:

When going to the annual history link above, there's forms for a copyright release from the photographer, and a permission form for a non-member to be included.

As far as using photographs on a website, the General Handbook and Use of Online Resources in Church Callings indicate:
When using images, videos, or personal information, consent from the content owner or the individuals involved is required. Consent may be obtained through a release form, a public announcement, a posted sign for a specific event, or written permission when needed. The country’s privacy laws should be followed.
I'm really puzzled by the "or" above. I'd think you'd need permission from the "content owner" (photographer) for copyright purposes and permission from the participants for privacy purposes. Both are legal requirements and neither is a replacement for the other.
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Re: Annual ward history template?


Post by BruceSalmon »

I would love some samples of histories. I have been tasked to write the EQ history.

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Re: Annual ward history template?


Post by BrianEdwards »

If you go to the main page
Stake, District, and Mission Annual Histories
there's a link to examples, both a simpler version and a more comprehensive history.
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Re: Annual ward history template?


Post by KerryBird »

I would like to see the history report simplified like the other reports. The format of the membership council is an example. It could have a box with a word limit for each part. Also, a place to attach the ward conference form. Adding photos of events would be another section. I love how the software people are doing so much to eliminate paper forms. Let’s hope they focus on the ward history report and get it all online
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