FM Group and TV's and Libraries

Discussions about using TVs, projectors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD Players and other media players in meetinghouses including standards, management, how to connect to them, proper use, and support.
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Re: FM Group and TV's and Libraries


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It is pretty strange to come onto a board dedicated to 'tech' and clerking in the church to chastise them about their concern about doing the thing they are called to do. If this were a 'teach' board, sure dismiss the conversation away as one wants. Let's let people with callings dealing with tech - deal with tech for their callings, and let people who focus on teaching deal with how they utilize the tech while they are teaching. I'm forever grateful that - To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven
I'm very sorry if I offended you. I wanted to say something because I came across this thread as a new stake tech specialist with the intent of trying to understand how to configure streaming and found myself instead reading pages of contention about Church policy and appropriate use of budgets.
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Re: FM Group and TV's and Libraries


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Exactly, in our role as technology specialists we are responsible for tech being available for our leaders and teachers to use in as non-invasive way as possible. The biggest disruption to teaching with technology is when that technology doesn't work well, or is overly complicated or requires onerous steps to walk through until it becomes available. Regardless of how a teacher preparers, there is likely a few teachers each hour we support that will want to use technology (your reference back to Come Follow Me probably shows your age) because the original Come Follow Me for Youth was the youth curriculum that came out in the early 2010's. This program introduced a great deal of reliance on technology and the videos the church had been producing. If you including the history of technology in our meetinghouses, you'll understand why tech specialists have had to rely on knowing policy and budgeting as a requirement to doing their callings.

There are very good technology related threads, but it might be a good idea to avoid threads started back in 2014 unless you have the history of what was going on all that time. In many areas it was a real battle just to get Internet in the meetinghouse, it was like a war getting a TV that could be used to show a Mormon Message (back then) - The entire program was released by the Priesthood Department, talking to the IT Department, but they failed to bring in Facilities, and as it was released at the end of the year, facilities was flooded with requests for TV's and equipment to support the new Come Follow Me for Youth program with limited budget funds (and their individual performance evaluations were based on how much they come under the budget).

Even now, we've been told for nearly a decades that FM will not mount TV's on the walls of RS/P or HC rooms, Bishop's offices, etc... but now, all over this board we see that some FM's are doing it... so we come together here to see whether policy has changed or if budget was used, etc... this has been the greatest benefit to our callings over the years, the democracy of information to keep Church Employees honest.
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