Pretty sweet setup for good sound and image

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Pretty sweet setup for good sound and image


Post by brianhks »

Here is my setup and it works really well, the sound and video are really good. Amazon links for all components are below.

Video: Our chapple has a camera on the wall but the video is kinda yellow so I use a sony handycam that has a 30x optical zoom. I can set it up on a table on the stage and zoom right in on the speaker. I have an HDMI cable coming off the camera that goes to an HDMI -> USB adapter on my laptop (this makes it show up as a webcam to the laptop)

Audio: I found a bluetooth audio/video (I just use the audio) transmitter that has very low latency and will send the audio from the line out on the pulpit to the stage where I have my laptop setup. I have a cable that attenuates the signal from the receiver to a mic signal. I then use a cheap usb audio adapter that has a mic in (my mac doesn't have a mic in on it)

Broadcast: We found the simplest was to sign up for YouTube Live, no restrictions on the number of users and you don't have to worry about people not muting themselves.

Amazon Links
Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver: ... UTF8&psc=1
As long as there isn't anything in the way this transmits to the stage just fine. Our building is the kind with the short gym turned sideways. Very clear audio with no extra mics. The transmitter just sits on the lower portion of the podium.

Attenuator Cable: ... UTF8&psc=1
This is needed as the output of the transmitter is a line out and I need mic levels for the computer to pick up.

HDMI to USB: ... ef=sr_1_15
This is not the one I bought as it isn't available anymore, but this one is close and you get the idea. I paid $20 for mine.
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Re: Pretty sweet setup for good sound and image


Post by russellhltn »

Nice setup.

We've found this USB Audio Adapter works well. While it says "mic in", it can handle line in with no problem. At $8, along with a regular 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (which comes with the Bluetooth system), it's cheaper than the attenuator cable.

One caution about the Hanycam - not all of the will output a video signal free of all the icons and indicators. You want to test that before committing to a particular model.
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Re: Pretty sweet setup for good sound and image


Post by brandonm35 »

that USB Audio Adapter in the previous comment (SABRENT USB External Stereo Sound Adapter) works absolutley wonderful, I currently set my Google Pixel up on a tripod in front of the pulpit and use an andriod app program called Iruin Webcam to use my Google Pixel as the webcam (provides much better picture clarity) and allows you to zoom in and out slightly. then run this cord from amazon from the audio out box under the sacrament table and plug into the adapter and the adapter to my laptop. with this setup I get crystal clear audio and nearly crystal clear video for sacrament meeting. ... WYCZS?th=1 (this is the 3.5 cable)
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