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Online ward bulletin


Post by Traek »

As a ward bulletin specialist several times over (mostly due to the lack of it getting done), I appreciate anything that improves our lives when collecting and accurately updating Ye Olde Ward Bulletin. I like the idea of this open source project in that it creates a simple informational website with a mobile-friendly display of that week's announcements:

Playing around with it isn't very user-friendly but for professional developers it's dead-simple. I'm wondering if anyone has played with this and what the response has been from the older segment of their ward. Another unit in my Stake has been using it for a while and just displays the QR code on a sign with the usual passalong cards, etc. on tables on either side of the chapel. The QR code just goes to their website. While it seems like a fairly straight-forward approach, my guess is that it's not straight-forward enough for a high rate of adoption unless I'm grossly underestimating the expertise of the average ward nerd :ugeek:

Any experience you'd be willing to share (or pure speculation) is very much welcome!
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Re: Online ward bulletin


Post by schestev »

This very concept was recently brought up in Ward Council and was tabled.

My wife does the weekly bulletin on her computer, prints it, runs the copier, folds them, and distributes them Sunday. Of all the various means of distributing the same information, e.g. website, emails, texts, or "Circles" phone app, to get the best bang for the buck, a large segment of our membership prefer the paper-in-my-hand method...I happen to one of those. Besides, displaying a QR code in the front of the chapel at best would seem distracting by encouraging everyone to suck up internet bandwidth and diddling on their phones/tablets rather than paying attention to the meeting.

We have a website that is regularly maintained but very little traffic.
Emails...just another login and message to trash.
Texts? ummmm, no.
Circles? Some use it like our primary presidency to communicate with all the teachers which works fairly well. But general bulletin type information? Hard copy is still the best way.
Summed up, younger could probably go with digital format. Us old-schoolers still prefer hard copy.
Just my two cents...since you asked. /grin\
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Re: Online ward bulletin


Post by drepouille »

When I tried to refer folks to our printed ward bulletin, they would tell me they gave them to their kids or threw them away. Nobody wants to bring paper home from church.

Since COVID, we no longer have a printed bulletin. My wife creates a PDF and sends it out to everyone who can receive email.
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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