Member Calling History?

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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by davesudweeks »

hjorth1 wrote:As a current ward clerk I would really like to see this infomation stored as well. Not just was the calling was but also the sustaining dates.
I just learned (probably cause I missed it or wasn't paying attention) that all the YW Advisor callings have been removed (Laurel Advisor, etc). So we now need to move those Sisters into the YW Class advisor rolls for the assigned age class (12-13 Class Advisor, etc). Without knowing the original calling date we are just using the current date.

We determined that the Sisters do not need to be re-sustained, since technically only the name of the calling changed.
The church sent out a notice of the pending change (I received it when I was ward clerk at the time) shortly after conference last fall. I don't remember the exact date, but it was the same one that mentioned combining all the YW into one group and eliminated the naming (Laurel, etc). You can find the letter in the official communications library. As soon as I saw the letter, I printed a copy of the YW organization for our ward so I would have that as a reference.
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by scgallafent »

There was also a notice on the LCR landing page for a few weeks before the change was implemented.
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by chriswoodut »

The YW classes were all collapsed into a single class which thus removed everyone from their callings. Clerks were asked to recreate the classes and assign the callings. There was a message on the home page of LCR about this change (which was upcoming at the time) and it suggested clerks download a PDF list of the callings before the date so the info wasn't lost.
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by hjorth1 »

Guess I’m failing at this calling. Better keep trying
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by nanney5 »

As a member I would LOVE to have a list of all the callings I have had. As I have gotten older I am struggling to remember them all. It would be nice to be reminded of what I did and more importantly WHEN I did it so having the dates would be helpful too. I know that some of my callings would be good for a resume and having exact dates instead of guessing would be great. I feel since it is MY personal information it should be available to ME on LDS Tools. I don't know that it is something leadership needs to know. If I have access to it I can give them the information if they need or ask for it.

Is there somewhere that I can make this comment that those who do this work will see it? I unfortunately am not in a leadership position. Thanks!
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by russellhltn »

You can submit the request via the feedback link on the main page.

But my understanding is that outside of bishop and stake president callings, for a long time, a history was not kept. I think that changed in the last 10 years or so. But beyond that, the data doesn't exist.
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by lajackson »

nanney5 wrote:Is there somewhere that I can make this comment that those who do this work will see it?
You may always make suggestions through feedback in Member Tools, or at any feedback link on the Church website pages. But other than some key leadership positions, the Church does not keep this information. And since the Church does not have it, there is no way to send it back in Member Tools, even just to you.
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by saraferrell »

I've been a stay-at-home mom for over a decade and am trying to update my resume before I re-enter the workforce. I'm trying to add things that will close that work history gap, and show that I've been having life experiences that hone relevant skills. Even if calling history information was only available to the individual, it would really help me right now. I am SO bad with dates. *sigh* I guess I should start a personal Excel spreadsheet for now.
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Re: Member Calling History?


Post by btucker »

You can keep the officers sustained sheet printed once each yr during the unit conf, that abt the only way I know of...
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