Closed Captioning on Broadcasts for the Hearing Impaired

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Closed Captioning on Broadcasts for the Hearing Impaired


Post by sjbons »

I am in need of closed captioning for some deaf members in our stake.

I understand that Zoom has the capability, but it needs to be enabled by the account owner, or someone with admin privileges. ( ... n-services ) I have searched the Zoom accounts that were issued to us by Church Headquarters, but can not find that option anywhere to be able to enable Closed Captioning. I'm guessing this feature needs to be turned on at the Church headquarters level of the accounts.

I understand that we can broadcast out to YouTube live, or Google Meet, which also both have Closed Captioning capabilities, but I'd like to simplify things as much as possible for smaller meetings and other events where we don't need to have an overflow to any of those platforms

Is there anyone from Church Tech that can answer this question?

Thank you!

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Re: Closed Captioning on Broadcasts for the Hearing Impaired


Post by garystroble »

The host on Zoom (not a co-host) can enable captioning, but it needs to be done for every Zoom session; it does not stay on once the session is ended. Once enabled, users can turn it on individually to view the captioning.
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Re: Closed Captioning on Broadcasts for the Hearing Impaired


Post by dave.swartz »

The deaf often have a smart phone application that can do the captioning from the audio signal. For those who attend in person we issue them a Listen Technologies receiver which they can either directly connect to their device or using the provided earpiece do an acoustical connection.

Note that the listen receiver needs to sense the correct resistance to remain turned on. This feature (on or off) can be reconfigured on the receiver.

Could those in the know list some common iPhone or Android based apps that work for this application.
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