Unknown father's partial date?

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Unknown father's partial date?


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I'm inputting a child of member who doesn't know the father's birth date. She knows his birth year, but LCR says "You can enter partial dates such as '1953,'" and when I do that it says "Error: Partial date." Should I just make up a month and day? I can't imagine it mattering since the father isn't a member of the church. I just want to get the record created.
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Re: Unknown father's partial date?


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Abelhawk wrote: Tue Sep 12, 2023 7:34 am Should I just make up a month and day?
I would never do that. It may well matter in the future. I would see if LCR will let you continue even though it has displayed the error because only the year is present. It should.

If LCR does not allow you to proceed through the error, I would call the Global Services Department and ask them to update the record.
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