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Re: Spending more than necessary


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Like what was stated by jbtork...
Things like features, form factor, functionality, durability of an item, can it be used in multiple situations, quantity of product availability all these things and more are considered.

I can't argue that the EJ-2Plus isn't a more convenient, really slick package. My objection is not with the features, but with the price.

Please consider the following and decide for yourself if this device, for a fraction of the price as the church's solution, can satisfy jbrok's statement.
Amazon is closing out this product in that it is below distributor price
I am a distributor of this product and have purchased/sold them for years now, it is current (not being phased out), and the price is correct. Amazon may discontinue it but Pyle, the manufacturer, has not. There are many sources you can purchase this item from for less than $15 (like eBay).
only three fixed attenuation points
The attenuation setting have been perfectly adequate for every application I have used this device for. In addition, almost every device we have connected, already had a headphone volume option which the user was more familiar with (laptops, PC's, iPods, cellular telephones, boom boxes, etc.)
they do not provide any cables for the unit
if locating a microphone cable in a church building is a problem, sacred funds could be used purchase more. In any case...we're still way below the purchase price of the EJ-2Plus
EJ-2Plus is supplied with both RCA to RCA, and RCA to 3.5mm cables, and a nylon pouch for storage
Adapters and bags can also be purchased at a fraction of the price! IMO, it makes more sense to purchase a nifty plastic box filled with adapters, cords, cables, batteries, etc. and still have sacred funds left over.
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Re: Spending more than necessary


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I came across this thread looking for information on a crab box for my own audio bag and found some of the comments interesting. The term sacred funds came up in numerous responses. While I am grateful for the perspective of each contributor, I take pause on the tone of knowing how funds should be prioritized and spent. Might I suggest deferring to your leader and allowing them to make the decision on features versus costs and then move on. Having been responsible for counting, dispersing, determining budgets and auditing fund receipts and disbursements over the past quarter of a century, I have had more than my share of discussions about "sacred church funds". Budget funds within a unit are up to the discretion of the Bishop/Stake President and are usually allocated after consideration of input from the ward council/stake council. Within those allocations, there is discretion and then there is accountability through the audit process. In my years of auditing and overseeing audits I have never witnessed behavior that would indicate that leaders were reckless with "sacred funds". If you feel there is a problem, you should bring it up with your leader and gain their perspective. It might broaden your view.
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