Patriarch printer, No heading

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Patriarch printer, No heading


Post by bricelundell »

Stake patriarch experienced different result in change of printer. For parriarchal blessing, the patriarch upgraded from HP inkjet to Canon laser model MF644CDW. This new printer no longer prints the document heading from his preferred Mac Mini M1. Same no heading results after saving as PDF and then printing. Canon printer does print the expected header from a Windows operating system. Aside from the patriarchal blessing document, the Canon printer prrforms as expected. As a workaround, the patriarch installed Windows (Boot Camp Assist) and successfully prints the header. This scrnario describes a potential software bug.

Seeking a solution, the patriarch contacted global services center. GSC did not have any information and advised the patriarch to work with a local technology specialist.

Any ideas on how to resolve instead of workarond non-printed document heading?
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Re: Patriarch printer, No heading


Post by rmrichesjr »

Is there any chance that the Canon printer is set up to print a different size of paper than the document is for? For example, ISO size A4 is reportedly 8.27 by 11.69 inches, which is not exactly the same as US 'letter' size of 8.5 by 11 inches. Could it be that the header is being lost in the 0.69 inch difference?

If the header is very thin, is there a chance it's a printer-specific margin issue? Most printers have a small dead zone around the edges of the paper. Could the header be falling through the difference in edge dead zone?

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Re: Patriarch printer, No heading


Post by Cmanrogers »

If I were at the computer I'd just start fiddling with the settings on the printer and the software used for it (margins, background graphics, paper sizes, things like that.) What you might also consider is looking for an updated driver for his printer.
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