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Re: More than 2 counselors


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Yes, our situation is not people trying to do too much. We have over 80 single sisters (a 55+ community is part of our ward) on one end and a large number of other issues as well. The Bishop and Stake President know what they are dealing with and what the members/sisters in our Ward need.
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Re: More than 2 counselors


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This doesn't require an additional counselor... the handbook has this figured out already (IMHO). 1. A new RS, with 80 single sisters - there are plenty to serve, and those sisters know their needs better than any Bishop or Stake President could ever imagine grasping. I promise you that. IF for some reason a Bishop/Stake President isn't interested in this then this group of sisters is served very well by a 2. single RS Presidency and a compassionate service Leaders/assistants/committee - WHICH THEY WILL HAVE TO HAVE ANYWAY... what's a single RS counselor going to by herself for 80 single sisters.

Why oh why do we want to find 'workarounds' when there are already plain and simple things in the handbook, I'll never understand, in a million years, why many men in these positions will not adjust their thinking once faced with things like the handbook, how the computer system works (which is designed to enforce best practices and handbook standards) or plain simplicity. If you think you're a special case, you're probably not (that's my experience). This is happening all-the-time in YSA wards, why wouldn't we look to where we already have a working model, and suggested action?

It is also my experience that you don't want to go 'priesthood handling' women in this age group, they're finished with all the hoopla of who decides what by now. These are my considered opinions, they are my interpretation of what the Prophets and Apostles intended to be the way we govern ourselves based on the handbook. I realize that others look at it as a starting point to do whatever they want, I don't... I look at it as a standard to be followed until what is suggested in the handbook does not match what you need. In this case there are at least 2 handbook alternatives that would work, IMNO even better than a 3rd Counselor.

I realize that for many years a third counselor was common for RS, YW and P - My bet is there is some institutional familiarity/history with doing it that way, especially back when the computer system could create any calling you wanted and access to information was based on your local login to MLS and not on your standard position in LCR so it really didn't matter. But adding a 3rd counselor or having more than 12 high councilman in large stakes all things of the past we should drop and find creativity where the handbook is silent.
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Re: More than 2 counselors


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Well, I can’t change what the Stake Pres wants. We took care of it all this weekend. The RS now has 1 President, 4 counselors, and 2 secretaries with callings both standard and custom as laid out. If it doesn’t work, I am sure it will get re-evaluated.

Thanks for everyone’s ideas and comments.
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Re: More than 2 counselors


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This whole thing reminds me of what happened to the clerk position.

It seems a number of stakes and wards thought that leaders (like the high councilors) should have more access to LCR. So they made them all stake clerks/assistant stake clerks. Some stakes had a ridiculous number of "clerks".

CHQ found out, and now we're limited to one individual for each position.

I would not be the least bit surprised if something happens to the RS secretary position to impose a similar rule.
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