Capturing Music for Zoom Broadcasts

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Re: Capturing Music for Zoom Broadcasts


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Depending on how good your microphone and sound system is set up as well as how well your speakers speak consistently into it, you may be better served by keeping original audio all the time, not just for music.

This varies from setup to setup and for just pure dialogue, zoom dsp can help a sub-par system a lot.
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Re: Capturing Music for Zoom Broadcasts


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If your building is equipped with the Assisted Listening System, and that system is activated, NO music will be transmitted through the audio channel.

Hardware-based noise suppression is activated. The music is considered background noise. They system cant distinguish between music noise and the din and noise of children, etc.

Therefore, if you direct feed into Zoom from the audio channel—giving you the highest fidelity of the spoken word, you will NOT be able to broadcast the music.

That said, you CAN plug into the organ output and mix it with the audio feed. But that requires a mixer, and only gives you the organ. Or, you can acquire a quality microphone like a yeti-blue and place it near the front of the chapel and switch the zoom audio input to that yeti-blue during the music and switch it back when someone is at the podium speaking. But that requires the agile hand managing the Zoom broadcast.
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