Camera to support Zoom Sunday sessions

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Re: Camera to support Zoom Sunday sessions


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nothingprofane wrote: Sun Feb 11, 2024 11:55 am Don't be afraid to listen to the spirit and trust your Stake leaders
That is generally good advice, except there is no mention of getting approval from the FM Group. They must approve all modifications to Church facilities. Sidestepping this requirement could have negative consequences and undermine future relationships with FM managers. In some cases FM has been known to remove the modifications without notice and equipment involved confiscated.
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Re: Camera to support Zoom Sunday sessions


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It is useful to remember that stakes, wards, and branches do not own the buildings they meet in. Those buildings are owned by the FM organization and the units are tenants - they can be temporarily or permanently moved to different facilities if the need arises (I have seen this happen). This is probably one reason the FM group can be picky about permanent installations of unapproved equipment since the ward doesn't own the building they meet in.
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