Comprehensive list of research hints

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Comprehensive list of research hints


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In Family Search you can click on an individual and get research hints like "Possible Missing Child: There is a gap of 3 or more years between the birth of one child and the next sibling." Is there a way to get a list of every research hint for every person in your family tree? I am looking for a quick way to identify possible gaps in the family tree (sideways relationships too, not just the direct line). Things like missing spouse, potential missing children, that sort of thing. Does such a feature exist in family search, what about in other programs? Puzzilla does help with visualization but doesn't do compiled research hints as far as I'm aware.
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Re: Comprehensive list of research hints


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Have a look at Tree Sweeper by the BYU Family History Technology Lab.
It lets you go up to 7 generations back from a specific person (based on the PID).

It doesn't have the 3-year child gap but does have some other useful search options.
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