Samsung and Tools problem

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Samsung and Tools problem


Post by zaneclark »

A sister in our ward has lost Tools on her Samsung. We tried downloading a copy from the Google store, and it said "the app will not work on this device." Anyone else with this problem?
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Re: Samsung and Tools problem


Post by jdlessley »

There is a minimum Android version, 8.0 and up, to run Member Tools. It may be necessary to upgrade to Android 8.0 or later.
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Re: Samsung and Tools problem


Post by brenda_s1 »

We're having the same problem on phones and my tablet can't update android versions. So I guess just not going to be using the member tools app. I'm surprised the developers would do this to obsolete so many users. :-(
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Re: Samsung and Tools problem


Post by russellhltn »

Security is a moving target. Stand still and you become insecure. That's too much liability considering that Member Tools holds personal information.

Most likely, the developers were pushed into this by external factors. Perhaps the older versions of Android lack a security protocol required, and prior ones were now insecure.

It should be noted that Android 7.1 was introduced on October 4, 2016 and last patched on October 2019. It would certainly be nice if operating systems were supported for longer, but that's not a battle the church is willing to spend resources to fight.

Check with your service provider to see what kind of deals they may have. Be open to "pre-owned" or "web only" deals. As a bonus there's odds you'll find your photos will be much sharper with better color.
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