Moving a missionary funding account

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Re: Moving a missionary funding account


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On the LCR home page, select the "Applications" tab. From there, select the "Missionary Online Recommendation System" (MORS). Once there, select "Full-Time Missionaries" and the names of all missionaries assigned to your ward will appear (the missionary has to have his/her records in your ward first). If you need to transfer the missionary's account into your ward, select the "other units" tab on the right side of the page next to the missionary's name. Then, at the bottom, there will be a section labeled "Membership Unit" where you can send a request to the prior unit to move the accounts into your ward unit. The prior unit will have 14 days to accept the transfer request and once they do, the funding account will automatically switch into your membership unit. Then payments can be made by the family on behalf of their missionary. Hope this helps. I've learned through trial and error.....and some helpful tips in this forum.
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Re: Moving a missionary funding account


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I have a similar issue currently ongoing. We have moved a missionary to our ward from a different ward. That process is now complete. However no funds have been transferred? My question is what process does the previous ward need to go through to make sure the funds for the missionary get transferred to us?
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Re: Moving a missionary funding account


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The two posts before your post have the most current information. Either the loosing ward or the gaining ward can initiate the transfer of financial responsibility. Make sure your ward and the loosing ward agree on an effective date of transfer of financial responsibility to ensure the account balance on that date is transferred.
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Re: Moving a missionary funding account


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If you are the membership unit you should see the full-time missionary listed in the MORS system under full-time missionaries>entered the mission field. You should see a link next to their name that says "other units". This will take you to where the "Home Unit", "Submitting Unit", "Funding Unit", and "Membership Unit" are listed. If your unit is the "Membership Unit" you should see listed under it two check boxes with the option to make this unit the funding and home unit. This will submit a transfer request to the current home and funding unit.
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