A great Web Filtering Solution

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I'm not saying that it won't work, just that I haven't attempted it.
The program is easy enough to install and remove if it doesn't work as expected.
As far as changing the browser, it's a couple of mouse clicks to go back to what you had w/o the proxy.

I'd say go ahead and try. I don't believe it will hurt anything.
MLS doesn't depend upon the browser so no problem there.
The only thing you're really filtering is the browser.
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K9 is wonderful!


Post by JPratt-p40 »

K9 has helped me when my antivirus software hasn't-it has blocked objectionable material on many occasions! I consider it a must have
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K9 has been a great blessing in my house already! Even my wife, who is a self-proclaimed "IT Blond," has found it easy to navigate and configure. This suggestion came at a perfect time as well: the kids are just getting to that age where almost 70% of their homework requires some sort of Internet access. Again, thanks for the suggestion!
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