Me movieron de barrio sin autorizacion.

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Me movieron de barrio sin autorizacion.


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Recien me entero que me movieron de barrio , alguien sabe como pudo suceder eso, yo nunca solicite a nadie de mover mis registros, ya no aparecen en mi barrio. Pregunte al secretario de barrio y me dice que yo no estoy en los registros y no sabe como sucedio.
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Re: Me movieron de barrio sin autorizacion.


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The instruction in General Handbook, 33.6, states "Membership records should be kept in the ward where the member lives." If your record is not in the ward in which you live then have your ward clerk move your record back into your ward. Have him check the Move Out report to see when and where your record was moved. If he is unaware your record was moved, then it may have been an error by some clerk in the other ward moving your record by mistake.
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Re: Me movieron de barrio sin autorizacion.


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Additionally, there's no way for local leaders to identify who specifically moved any member records (although I expect the Church GSC department likely has those details). We had a case a few years ago where the "new ward" assured us they did not pull a member's records, and our "old ward" was likewise certain we never pushed the records there. So we transferred them back, but it was definitely a bit weird.
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