Missionaries can't receive my emails

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Missionaries can't receive my emails


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Hello -

We had sons on missions for 6 straight years. I emailed them every week from my gmail. I also emailed their weekly emails to their friends from my gmail. It worked for about the first 5 years, but then in about 2021, they weren't receiving them from my gmail. I called the church and they said it probably thought my gmail was spam so the church was blocking it.

Now we have a daughter on a mission. She could receive my emails from my gmail for about the first 6 weeks, but now she can't receive them. I have gone into my gmail settings and tried to adjust them to see if it's something on my end. Everyone can receive my emails except my missionaries at the missionary.org address.

Any suggestions how to fix this? It's super frustrating to not be able to send my weekly email to my missionary.

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Re: Missionaries can't receive my emails


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I had a similar issue when my son was on his mission. After a while, my Gmail started getting blocked too. I ended up switching to a different email service, and that did the trick. Maybe try creating a new Gmail account or using something like Outlook or Yahoo. It might also help to ask the church if there’s a way to whitelist your email. Hope it gets sorted out!
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