Using 'Custom List' for 'Send a Message' ...?

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Using 'Custom List' for 'Send a Message' ...?


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Relatively 'new' Clerk here (was a Clerk back when MLS was a baby) and still trying to get my head around what can and can't be done now in LCR and Tools ...

I am up with creating custom lists under Reports in LCR but would like to be able to create a custom list that I can then use in the 'Send a Message' function to a select group other than the pre-populated lists, for example - the Bishop wants to send out an email to all prospective Senior Missionary couples. I can create this list, but don't see any way of using it in the Send a Message function.

Am I wanting too much and should just copy all the emails into a Gmail address book (or similar)? Or have I missed something simple (or even a little more complex) ...?
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