Youtube mail with 'anti-christ' message...

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Youtube mail with 'anti-christ' message...


Post by jborup-p40 »

Hi Community

This message is just to inform the persons that are in charge of the YOUTUBE connection at the church's website.

I saw that the church is now using youtube to spread the word, that is nice, and it seems to work fine. Somehow I got registered at youtube - I guess it was to get access to the MormonMessage, and probable to get emails when new messages/video arrives.

I can see that I have received a message from youtube 2009-03-30 with new videos from MormonMessages - that is nice. But at the end of the email, there are listed other videos that youtube think might have my interest, the fist one is 'Top 10 reason why Jesus Christ isn't God - TheDeenShow' - A muslim talkshow.

I have been exposed to worse stuff, but I just don't like the idea, that I have registered at some 'semi'-church site. At least at some section at youtube, that I thought that church hat a bit control over. Somehow the church should demand from youtube, that 'other messages' are not mixed into the listings from the church.

Just a head up.

Regards Jørn Borup
(This might already have been discussed, but I didn't find a hit when I searched for youtube in here...)
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Post by leocrawf-p40 »

I think the church has little or no control as to what is served up as additional content on youtube. The church made it clear when you are signing up that some content that you may see may not be related or published by the church. This is one the blessing and also cursing of open user generated technology.
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Post by russellhltn »

Just a matter of clarification - Jørn, was this channel something you were told about by the church or something you discovered? There is concern about directing members to these channels because of the inability to control what's related.

But it does place the messages were non-members can find it. It's my understanding that they are the primary target audience for this channel.
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Post by jborup-p40 »

To leocrawf: Yes you are probably right, I never read that with small types !!!! ;-)

To Russell: I wend to the site, and saw a video link with a church message, that was hosted by the youtube. Following the link, lead me to the MormonMessages, where I got registered for some reason. That is history, and I'm fine with it. But I am a bit concerned for newmembers/investigators, that believe that they are at 'safe-ground', and are 'lowering' their ... gaurds (?)... That is all.

Regards Jørn
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Post by mkmurray »

jborup wrote:But I am a bit concerned for newmembers/investigators, that believe that they are at 'safe-ground', and are 'lowering' their ... gaurds (?)... That is all.
You are not the first to express concern over the Church's presence on YouTube with the MormonMessages channel. There are many good points on both sides of the discussion, both for and against, in the following thread:

We don't want to have an argument over the issue. And I'm not sure there is much more that can be added to the discussion, as the thread I linked to had some pretty thorough opinions on both sides of the issue. My main purpose is to send you this link so that you can read what has already been discussed about the Church's YouTube channel.

For me personally, reading the discussion on that thread helped me to not feel as worried about the YouTube channel.
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A few more helpful links


Post by DaltonTM »

I think the community here at LDSTech may also be interested in some of the "stats" around the Mormon Messages site. It is really reaching out to many in a way that we could not previously do. I was originally really skeptical of this YouTube site, but have since found it to be accomplishing a mission that was not being done previously, and find myself very excited about it. Anyway, here are some interesting reads from (If these have already been posted elsewhere, I apologize for the duplication): ... ges-video/ ... ion-times/
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