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jltware wrote:The policy I am referring to is the one that says that stake presidents must (and therefore can) approve any third party software installed on a church computer within the stake. I read this in the guidelines downloaded from the website, though I confess I haven't checked them recently to see if they have changed.
Just so you know, a discussion about this policy document changing very recently can be found here:

New Computer Policy
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Thanks for that link. That policy document and discussion seem to very much support the idea that such programs can be installed as long as the stake president is in agreement. However, that brings me back to the original question on how such connections or those from any other program the stake president may approve are possible without even a rudimentary level of control over the firewall.

I find the comments about LANDesk having remote access functionality interesting too. Maybe that is an avenue I should investigate more closely, since it is an approved program that is already on all our computers. Has anyone actually succeeded in using it that way before.

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