nFS peformance on client computers

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stclairm wrote:An update on the reported performance issue in nFS that grows over the day:

I've been consistently using IE8 for the past few days instead of my normal Firefox. I have not encountered the problem at all. So it seems to be the combination of nFS and Firefox. I'll just stick with IE8 for the time being.
Do you use the 'firebug' extension? I used to have similar problems on my linux machine when that extension was enabled, but with the latest version it seems to have been fixed. Maybe its another extension. Have you tried disabling extensions/running in firefox's safe mode?
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nFS is slow, but waaaaaayy faster than it was a couple of years ago. It actually used to automatically log off the user after about 15-20 (?) minutes without using the keyboard on the nFS website. That includes the time that it was searching! It's not so bad now.
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