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When I was a Ward Clerk about 10 years ago, the fourth copy was shared between the Ward Clerk and the Executive Secretary. Has that changed? (Maybe we were just doing it wrong.)
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boomerbubba wrote:When I was a Ward Clerk about 10 years ago, the fourth copy was shared between the Ward Clerk and the Executive Secretary. Has that changed? (Maybe we were just doing it wrong.)
I'm pretty sure that's what we are currently doing.
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mkmurray wrote:Well, again, the Church Handbook of Instructions actually has a section for who gets to have a copy of what from Book 1 and Book 2. I realize you probably don't have a copy of your own because of the current situation, but perhaps someone here with a copy on-hand could provide a page number reference for you to pass along to your bishop.
It's on page xiii of book 1, but it does not specify what is to be done with the 4th copy for the bishopric. Ours is kept in the clerk's office so that the ward clerk(s) and executive secretary can have access to it as needed. Additionally, our bishop has assigned the executive secretary to select topics (e.g. funerals, fund raising, priesthood meeting opening exercises, etc.) from the handbook for instruction during bishopric meeting (as a way if implementing the instructions on page 67 of book 1). He can't make those selections if he doesn't have access to it.
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On page142 it begins to outline the record keeping responsibilities of a ward clerk and assistant ward clerk. As a bishop I rely on my ward clerk for his familiarity of Book 1. As a matter of fact, our stake president has trained our ward clerks that they should be the expert on book 1 for the bishopric. "They have plenty of other duties that cannot be delegated. They one can be, so clerks, know this book and be a resource to your bishops!" Paraphrased, but that is the message.

I just got a new ward clerk and shared that directive with him and invited him to "know the book better than me!" I believe that this is a great resource and help to the bishopric and he brings that 4th copy, out of the clerks office, to every meeting so he can look things up as we discuss issues and ideas.

I understand that not every bishop will want to do things the same way, but I think this is a great assistance and would not do it any other way.
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JamesP wrote:Thanks for the responses. Now comes the uncomfortable conversation with the Bishop telling him I need the book he doesn't (for some reason) think I should have....
They seem to have mixed up the distribution of book 2 to the auxiliaries (via photocopies of sections) with the distribution of Book 1, which is clearly explained under the "Distribution" section as being 1 each for Bishop, both counselors and the ward clerk.
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