Using Web Tools to Map the Members

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zabaki wrote:So here is a new question.

the stake and ward web site is only accessible in the US and Canada.
How do I get a .csv file for my stake and Ward in Norway?

Talk to the ward clerk. Have him create a custom report in MLS with the info you need. Instead of printing it, have him save it to file and give you the electronic copy.
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Are you aware of if any anyone who could do the same for a mission (so, a place that isn't a stake yet. We don't have districts in norway, but one mission, and one stake. I can imagine that the stake clerk could provide me one, but do you know if there normally is a mission clerk aswell?)
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My Mass Geocoder


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I created a 'CSV' to 'KMZ' converter. It can be found at
Click on downloads and then 'Mass Geocoder'.

From what I've read so far, there is concern with sending membership information to Geo coding websites.

The program loads the CSV file and for each line it fetches the lat/lon for the address only and the stores that with the membership information in a KMZ file (to be used with Google Earth).

I've included a example CSV file. Simply export the fields from a custom report to a CSV file. Let me know any feedback from the email address on my website.
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Interesting. What if I translate it in Italian AND, more of that, port it into Linux?
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