Gen. Conf. app (iphone)

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Gen. Conf. app (iphone)


Post by zabaki »

This is a suggestion that I imagine could be useful for many members of the church.

I enjoy watching videoes as i see them to inspire me in my education field, and just in generel.
Since i bought a iphone only a while ago, I've found a app which lists all their talks both video and audio, which I'm then able to stream through wifi/3g and watch/listen on the iphone.

Here are some pictures of the app

It is a very simply app and I've actually used it a lot lately. While waiting for my food to finnish cooking. While cleaning teeth, doing hair, and some time just as a thinker before i go to bed.
Their talks are often short, some 10-20 mins.

Now I sadly missed out on gen. conf. due to travel. Now when do i get 8 hours to watch gen. conf.? It seems almost impossible. I know i can easily go on the church web site and site and watch it. But I also find myself listening to church talks again and again while I'm on the move.

So my suggestion is that LDS related people make a app which listes recent talks from church leaders. Focus on general conference, but could also be from BYU talks, CES and so on, which enables members of the church to watch/listen to the talks, while they are on the go, instead of having to download it for the web site, through itunes, then having to upload it on the iphone simply takes too much time.

I hope you might see the benefits from such an app.

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Post by mkmurray »

The Mormon Channel mobile phone app already does most of what you suggest (in regard to General Conference; it also does Magazine articles and the Scriptures; it's all just audio though). The iPhone version of the app is already available as a free download in the iTunes store, and has been for a number of months: ... pplication
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Post by zabaki »

It doesnt show videoes does it? Just audio?
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Post by russelljd »

For video you can always get it from YouTube. All of the video from this General Conference has been put up on the Mormon Messages channel ( in HD. YouTube works on almost any mobile device.
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Post by robartsd »

For general conference video on your iPhone, I'd recommend subscribing to the video podcast available on the archive page. I can see some value to a dedicated app though - especially one that would allow the video to be downloaded over the air instead of needing to import in iTunes and then sync. You could look for an app that provides over the air access to podcasts.
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Post by Lasse-p40 »


the kind of iPhone app you're looking for already exists - mostly, at least. It is called LDS Media OnDemand and streams audio and video on demand, including GC, BYU Devotionals, etc. As of now it only works with a wifi connection but a future update will add streaming via 3G.

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Post by JamesAnderson »

Another way although not the fastest, an app for video would be better, is to go to Youtube, get the URL from the 'Share' function, then go to a QR code generator page like this one:

There are a number of others, some offer different options.

Before doing that though, check to see if your iPhone already has a barcode reader app, if not, there are a number of them on the App Store, some are even free.

Then scan the resulting barcode displayed on the page, it's square. It will bring up the Youtube link, and you can then bookmark the link on the Safari browser.

What are QR codes? There's a good basic article on them on Wikipedia. Unlike the 'zebra' codes we see like at the grocery store, these are 2D, and can store far more data due to that, like website URLs, messages, contact info, etc.

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