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Post by Scott Arlo Anderson-p40 »

Today I replied to a message from HQ, and when finished typing the message, I hit the Save button. The message closed, but there was no new message in the Sent folder. I clicked Send/Receive anyway, which updated some membership records, but still no new message is showing up in the Sent folder.

How do I know if the reply really got sent? What does the Save button do? The help page says hitting Save is the correct action when replying.

Please advise.

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Post by aebrown »

Scott Arlo Anderson wrote:How do I know if the reply really got sent? What does the Save button do? The help page says hitting Save is the correct action when replying.
The Save button is the correct button. When you press the Save button, the message immediately goes into the Sent folder (even though it hasn't really been sent). When you look at that item in the Sent folder, there will be a grayish envelope icon by the message in the Status column. Then once it has been sent, the icon will turn blue with an arrow on the envelope. That icon change is your confirmation that the message has been sent.

At least that's how it is supposed to work. But you say you're not seeing it at all in the Sent folder. Have you thoroughly searched the Sent folder? If you have a lot of items, it might be way at the bottom. Also, have you accidentally moved it to another folder?

Other than that, my only suggestion would be to send the message again, being very careful to check where the message is at each step (immediately after hitting Save, and again after doing a Send/Receive).
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Post by rick.winterton »

I encountered exactly the same problem yesterday. I created a response to a clerk's query, saved it and transmitted it (I hope). Later, when I looked, there was nothing was in the Sent Items folder (I emptied it a week ago).
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Post by freedom55 »

Hi Rwinterton,

I've had the same confusion - I saved, sent, then looked back and found nothing. I found that if I closed the message page, then opened it back up, the message showed up in the sent folder.

Hope that helps.
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