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How can I download a video on this page?


Post by mprusse »

I need the "hands" video from this page. Any thoughts on how to download it?,17884,8776-1,00.html

I've tried a few utilities for downloading Flash movies but none have worked.

Thank you.
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Raid the Browser Cache


Post by atticusewig »

For troublesome flash movies I really want,
I just raid my browser cache.

Immediately after playing the movie, I go to
my Browser Cache in the filesystem, and sort
the files by date. The most current flash video
(the one with the .swf extension) is usually the
one I want. I then copy and paste
it to another directory, and give it a sensible name.
Sometimes, I transcode the video to a more
"open" format.

- Atticus
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Post by mfmohlma »

Using atticusewig's suggestion, after viewing the video, I typed "about:cache" in my Firefox address bar, clicked on "List Cache Entries" under the "Disk Cache device" heading and searched for I found this URL: ... _eng__.mp4

It should probably work. :)
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Post by allenjblodgett »

jamesm76 wrote:Hi all,

I have a request from one of our leaders to download a few videos from to show at a leadership meeting. One such link is:,17884,6865-1,00.html. I do not know how to download this to save on a flash drive (it is not just a right-click save-as type of thing; this is a streaming WMV). Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

Go to (In internet explorer):
  1. View
  2. Source
  3. On the source page:
  4. Scroll down until you find "SRC='/...'
  5. Copy this and paste in a word document after
  6. Save as an html file
  7. Open this word document in internet explorer
  8. Right click
  9. Click save target as
  10. Now you should be done...
You should be able to do this with any of the videos

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Use VLC player to convert asx streams to asf files


Post by JPratt-p40 »

The only way I found to work was to use the VLC player (free) from Link for Windows

In the VLC media player, you can choose a drop down menu to "capture" the video more easily.

1) If the video uses a Windows Media Player plugin, such as is seen in the original question, then you can right click on the video, choose properties, and you will see a URL to the .asx stream, for example: ... 00k_wh.asx

2) Download the VLC player, go to the "media" menu, choose "Open a Network Stream", paste in the above URL, then use the drop-down option to choose "capture" (instead of play), near the bottom of that box.

3) Choose a destination file name ending with .asf and select the option for "Video- WMV + WMA (ASF)"

4) You can display the output if you want, but then click Start. That is it.

Regarding the other type of player, the kind seen at or at,17884,8776-1,00.html the previously mentioned method using the Firefox browser is best:

1) In firefox, after seeing the video, type in the address bar "about:cache" (without the quotes)
2) click on the link "list cache entries" in the section for Disk Cache Device
3) Search for "mp4" (or for but eventually the complete URL ending in mp4 will be found, for example:
[url=http://about%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:cache-entry?client=HTTP&sb=1&key=] ... _eng__.mp4[/url]

If there is any difficulty, type this in the address bar: about:cache?device=disk
Then search for the mp4 link.

After you have that link, you can enter it directly in the browser (or click it). Then go to the File menu of the browser & select "save page as" to put it on your desktop.

If you need a file format converter, SUPER is pretty good (the download link is at the bottom)
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Post by Kyrandita »

Another Download option is the free firefox extension found here:

I wasn't able to test it for the leadership training video, for some reason it wouldn't load that video for me at all... but the one on the visiting teaching site worked just fine... be aware that it only gives you the option for the ones you've opened... so at least click on the high quality version link and let it start loading before you check... otherwise it may not load...

also, I'd check ... Many of the videos are available here without any hassle... I'm not sure why there aren't links leading here from the pages that talk about the same videos...
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