MLS suggestion, cancel transaction button.

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MLS suggestion, cancel transaction button.


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I was recently working with one of the Ward Clerks in my stake, and I noticed him pushing a bunch of people to the lost member file without using the standard procedures (calling last phone number, email, previous bishop etc..). I told him he needed to attempt contact with each member before sending the records to the lost file.

Background: It is a student single stake and this is a common problem when summer starts, people disappear and no one sends forwarding information. Handbook directions tend to get lost over the year and some people just hate contacting other people for some reason.

It would be helpful if there was a cancel transaction button for submitted transactions that have not been sent to HQ yet (you can view the transaction report before sending). It would save some headaches if you find a mistake before hitting the send/receive button, but have to go back and request everything you just sent out all over again.
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