Redundant anti-virus programs

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Redundant anti-virus programs


Post by lrawlins »

I have a self proclaimed computer guru who states that for full protection a computer should have at least 5 levels of protection.


It has always seemed to me that when you run programs that are competing against each other to protect your system all they will do is fight for control and who knows what will get by.

I would rather have one good program running to protect a system than a bunch of things that most of us have never heard of fighting it out.

Any comments welcome.

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Post by russellhltn »

Depends on what he/she means by "5 levels of protection".

Just thinking out loud:

- There's Firewall/router between the computer and the public Internet
- Personal software firewall on each computer
- Anti-virus
- Anti-malware (which is moving to being a part of Anti-virus)
- A strategy to keep critical software (such as the OS) patched and up to date
- Use "Admin" login only for administration. Day to day operation should be done at lower levels of permission.
- Be an educated user, don't fall for the obvious scams.
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Post by crislapi »

Competing anti-virus programs can lead to problems. However, there are different areas of protection: anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-walware, etc. that a single program usually does not cover. You may want additional software to cover the gaps.

You definitely do not want 5 anti-virus programs installed on your computer. Everything I've read indicates you really only want one. However, I also have spy-ware and ad-ware blocking software installed as well as a firewall.
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Post by lrawlins »

Not so lucky as to be one who thinks of the levels of protection mentioned.

This one who is of the thinking that if one anti-(your choice here) is good then more of them is even better.

This is also the type that downloads all the demo software that sounds good and then never pays for any of it. Never caught on with the idea of paying for stuff you use regularly and therefore has old out dated versions of it.

What brought today's question on is a noisy fan that this person is certain caused by some evil software on the box.

If it wasn't that I'll have to clean up the mess eventually I would take it as cheap entertainment.

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