Hymns? Updates?

Discussions around the WebOS (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HP Touchpad) versions of the Gospel Library application.
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Hymns? Updates?


Post by cjashton »

The activity for the WebOS Gospel Library has been next to nothing since the release. I'm sure the Palm's lack of popularity (sigh) is part of the problem, but it would be great if I could get some updates (latest conference, for example).

I am far from a techie, but is there anything at all that I can do? Shoot, I'll hand type the latest conference addition in somewhere if that would help.

Any words from the folks working on the WebOS platform would be appreciated.

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Post by alan.richardson »

Try living with a pre-Web OS Palm. You don't exist. Not a gripe, I need to get updated to expect content. Best I can do is the classic LDS.org site and pulling content from there (using Mark My Scriptures). But I can't get the new Gospel Principles manual -- the link provides the Old Testament study materials instead.
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Post by caj27 »

It would be awesome to see some LDS-webOS love!
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Post by justinmoon »

I posted my take on the webOS Gospel Library app progress in a new thread. https://tech.lds.org/forum/showthread.p ... nformation
Feel free to ask questions in that thread.

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