Information regarding Adobe Flex

There are some interesting projects being done at using Adobe Flex. Talk about Adobe Flex and how the Church is or could be using it in this forum.

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Information regarding Adobe Flex


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Hey buddies, I am going to start my professional career as a web developer and have many future plans to develop many websites. Owning to this, I am thinking to use adobe flex as the main platform for development. Can flex be used by itself to create applications? Or Flex has just used as a tool in conjunction with Flash or other apps?What will be my added advantage using Adobe Flex?
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Flex as a tool for building websites


Post by kalebpederson »

Flex is a great tool to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), although I wouldn't say it's specifically for websites. It is being adopted quite heavily right now by huge organizations (SAP, IBM, etc.), which I think is indicative of where it's going.

Flex is not made for animations and sprite oriented functionality, but that's where you can leverage the power of Flash and perform the necessary integration. If you're going to be developing with Flex, check out Cairngorm on the Adobe labs website, it's a nicely architected framework for building RIAs.


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