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Discussions around using and interfacing with the Church MLS program.
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Family History Center Help


Post by JoanParslow »

It would be helpful to Family History Center Directors to have a section in the MLS Financial instructions dedicated to Family History Centers.
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Post by russellhltn »

Two issues: Generally we create sections based on actual traffic. So far, there's been none. I'd also be concerned if we have anyone here who knows MLS as done by FHCs.

You may want to ask your questions over in Family History Center Support.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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JoanParslow wrote:It would be helpful to Family History Center Directors to have a section in the MLS Financial instructions dedicated to Family History Centers.
What particularly did you have in mind. As far as I can tell the procedures are the same as they are for wards. There may be a lot more non-member donor records, no charitable contributions, and no membership section. Other than that, what do you have particular questions about?
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Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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Changes in FHC Operations have left us with direction, but no support from Priesthood


Post by keywizard »

JoanParslow wrote:It would be helpful to Family History Center Directors to have a section in the MLS Financial instructions dedicated to Family History Centers.
I believe that since the FHC Director's role has changed since 2006, there are many FHC Directors who are clumped in an area called "Where do I go for help, and does anyone hear me?" Joan, if you are a Director, who has struggled with the changes in technology and watched your budget disappear in the meantime because of technology, now is the time to speak. I can't be alone out here! I'm sure that many FHC Directors have waited for Finances to catch up. I was called in 2005. I had a budget from the Ward at that time. Since the switch to DSL in my meetinghouse in October 2005, and the digitizing of church records program, many people bring flash drives to copy information from the internet that we provide for them, our ability to make money from copies and sales of old paper instructions to sustain the center has disappeared! Then I had to go through explaining to the Stake Presidency over and over again since January 2006 that our funding now came from the Stake. They didn't act on that, even though I sent copies of our new Op Guide to them several times. It took them two years to understand that the FH Director calling had changed from a Ward calling to a Stake calling, and another two to finally set me apart correctly to reflect the change. The Stake FHC continued to get the bulk of the budget because the Stake Presidency wouldn't acknowledge that the designation "Stake Family History Center" was discontinued. Since I am 50 miles from the nearest Stake Tech Spec, I have had to front run our internet and computer problems through Global for years. If the techs on this forum haven't had any feedback from FHC Directors, it is because we have been left to ourselves and don't know where to seek for answers. I sure would like to hear from other FHC Directors about this someday. I had this calling for six years and have rebuilt the FHC here to reflect and be as up to date as I can. I have asked for help so many times from FH Support for this matter I've lost count. Believe me, if Joan is asking what I think she is asking, there are a lot of us out here who have been forced to keep up with changes with no help, nowhere to ask for it, and directions to train the Priesthood with the changes from the Church when the changes started. The FHC Directors who have kept up with the changes are about exhausted crying for help and financing for years. Please don't think that because you haven't heard any feedback from us that we are not having a problem. The normal route of going to your Priesthood Leaders has hit a stone wall since many don't understand why we are coming out of that "little room at the end of the hall" to bug them! The Church has poured funding into the FH Program to make changes, and we as FH Directors are teaching the changes on the front lines. We train Consultants, represent the face of Family History to the Public in our areas, teach classes in NFS to multiple Wards in our buildings, and are extensions of the Family History Library in our areas. Maybe someday, someone will ask us what we need and actually listen!
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Post by freedom55 »

Am I correct in sensing a little undercurrent of frustration? I hear and understand your concerns. I would suggest that a starting point would be to try to develop a good working relationship with your Stake Clerk. He is responsible for training and troubleshooting the MLS system. Although, in all honesty the usage of MLS in the FHC has diminished significantly with the advent of CUBS and the switch to on-line film orders. Without the need to do a monthly reconciliation and with very limited need (if any) for deposits, I would expect your MLS usage would consist of printing out the monthly financial statements and issuing a few checks. Your Stake Clerk can provide training in those functions or you could even ask your Ward Clerk for some assistance.

As I understand it, financing FHCs is the responsibility of the stake. How about submitting a detailed budget request to your Stake Clerk, as indicated in the FHC Operations Guide. He can be a real asset in recommending budget allocations from the stake.

Your STS also has responsibility to support the FHCs in your stake. I don't know about your stake but we support 8 FHCs, with the furthest one requiring a 12 hour round trip. Again, I think the key is developing a good working relationship.

Well, I don't know if that is helpful at all but wish you success in your efforts.
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