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RussellHltn wrote:At least for the stake level FHC director, that seems to conflict with the experience outlined in this thread.
lajackson wrote:There are two locations where the name of the FHC Director will appear in CDOL. One is under the FHC itself, and that information is entered by the FH Department (as it probably should be).

Ah, good point. I'd expect all positions in the FHC "unit" to come from the Family History Dept/FamilySearch.
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Thanks for all your comments, but it is apparent their is still quite a bit of confusion about how to allow the local unit FHC directors electronically sign the audits. One of the Counselors in our Stake Presidency is out of town and wants me to get it fixed soon so I contacted what I thought was a church local unit auditor/trainer for 90 plus stakes in this region. He said no longer holds that calling, but is now an assistant area auditor for a Coordinating Council (group of stakes near a major city). He said:

"I bumped into this problem in my CC as well, and had stakes with FHCs that were child units to wards/branches do these audits on paper. The Church Auditing Department is aware of the problem, but hasn't yet advised the assistant area auditors regarding the matter."

Then he copied my email to the assistant area auditor for the Coordinating Council that includes my stake along with his comments. The assistant area auditor for our Coordinating Council Responded:

"Brother XXXX is correct as to my understanding of the problem. The other stakes in our CC that were having problems (not all did) completed their audits in the paper format and per Church instructions mailed the audit reports to me for review and processing and then I send them to the area audit committee in SL for further review and processing.

The brethren have indicated this problem in LUAS should be corrected by the mid-year audits. It appears to be a problem between the Church Family History Center and the Church."

and instructed me to mail the completed paper audits to him.

Therefore, at least in our case, the brief answer is - the system is broken, we are supposed to do the FHC audits on paper, get them signed on paper, then get them our the area assistant auditor for our Coordinating Council.

Thanks for your help. Plus please feel free to continue discussing the way FHC Directors are established in MLS, CDOL, and/or Family Search as we will need to know that by the next audit cycle.

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We had a similar problem in our stake where we have a stake family history center and 3 ward family history centers with the ward as the parent organization in CDOL. We had no problems with the stake or 2 of the ward online audits. We found that one ward family history center could not sign off on the audit - she was entered in the ward MLS as the ward family history director. I tried entering the ward director in as the stake director in MLS to see if this would give her access but that did not work. I called SLC and they directed me to the Family History Department at 1-866-406-1830. I called them and they said that each director has to call and register with the Family History Department and then register on a website as directed by the Family History Department. Once she did that she was able to sign off on the online audit without a problem. Hope this helps.
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