Beta Joseph Smith Papers site is up

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Beta Joseph Smith Papers site is up


Post by todrobbins »

Very exciting things are happening at the Church History Library. Keep it coming Church History Deparment, et al!
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Post by mfmohlma »

Wow! I concur! Keep it up. Can't wait to see more. :D
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Post by dltayman »

Love it. It's better than I imagined it would be. Very excited!

Now if only there was a Mobile App for on-the-go reading of the documents... ;)
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Post by SilverColt »

How is the Beta project coming along? I took a look around today and see some great new stuff (e.g. minutes). Will there be any associations made into other parts of Church resources like the scriptures, if referenced within one of Joseph's journals a particular verse of the Book of Mormon providing a link to that verse on would be cool. Or in the Revelation documents that correlate to Doctrine and Covenant sections having a link to that official section would be awesome.

Thanks for the hard work, I look forward to seeing more.
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Re: Beta Joseph Smith Papers site is up


Post by seblegrand »

Great job.
Will it be translated to French ?
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